Client Profile

FlexLife Health

The FlexLife Health Inc. initial product is the anticoagulation management system (AMS). Unlike other anticoagulation self-monitoring offerings, the FlexLife AMS is the only physician protocol driven closed-loop, two-way communication system for the management of chronic anticoagulation patients. This means that clinicians prescribe the service and actively and remotely manage the patients’ warfarin dosage on a weekly basis versus the current standard of care that entails the patient driving to a clinic to have blood drawn and then wait for the clinician to advise the patient on the appropriate dosing. A remote AMS protocol was developed by Dr. Jerry Bartholomew and Dr. Heather Gornik, leading cardiovascular physicians at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF), and tested through a clinical trial with a vMetrics™ based system optimized for oral anticoagulation care (OAC) care. The company believes it is ready for the first commercial system manufacture and Flex-AMS services launch. PT/INR monitors that measure Prothrombin Time (PT)/INR are coupled with the Flex-AMS system. The system can accommodate any existing PT/INR monitor via either IR or cable linkage and software interface. The first commercial launch is based on the Roche CoaguChek PT/INR meters. The vMetrics™ System is used to interface and interact with the patient and wirelessly transmit the data to the healthcare provider who provides patient monitoring and dosing using the Flex-AMS service. The vMetrics™ System clinical trial demonstrated the system is also time saving for patients and nurses. Patients saved an average of 27.6 minutes per encounter (19.4 + 2.3 minutes per encounter vs. 47.0 + 2.6 minutes, P<0.01) and nurses saved an average of three minutes per encounter (3.8 + 0.2 minutes vs. 6.8 + 0.3 minutes, P<0.01)1.